Sunday, September 30, 2007


More Nonsense From Media Matters

Local radio host Mike Rosen (9 to 11:45 AM weekdays on 850 on the am dial) talked with a guy last week about his book regarding how white men have been voting lately in America. The subject of why American Jews largely support the Democrats came up from a caller (and it is a good question) and Mike Rosen said the Jews don't always support their interests and some of it is because of lack of economic knowledge. OK. Certainly most Americans are completely ignorant of economic maters. Why not the American Jews too?

So Media Matters has this coverage of what Mike Rosen said and has said previously as if he's shockingly and openly anti-Semitic. From the summary: [Rosen said] "so many Jews who are regarded by people as instinctively good merchants are just that. They're merchants at the retail level and don't have ... a good grasp of the big economic picture." On a previous broadcast, Rosen characterized Jews as having "a tendency toward pushiness and ostentatiousness."

Media Matters left out one little teeny tiny detail. Mike's Jewish (although he doesn't practice any organized religion and is not particularly spiritual). Seems to me like a weird fact to omit under the circumstances?

Of course if their purpose was to portray Mike Rosen as a self hating Jew, then that's a different story (although his ethno-religious affiliation would still be wholly relevant) but then Media Matters would be open to criticism for ethno-religious stereotyping. So they couldn't have done that.

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