Thursday, September 20, 2007


Lopsided Totals

Laura Ingraham, who has a new book out, Power to the People, played a few times on her radio show this morning an audio clip from the television coffee klatch, The View, which show I've, sadly, never seen, where Joy Behar wondered why prominent Republicans were missing from several of the so called debates and asked if they were all at a Klan meeting. Boy, is she a dumb ass.

The Ku Klux Klan was started 1865 by 6 Democrats in Tennessee and the membership through the decades to the present, happily, sad shadow of its former self has been overwhelmingly Democrat. I believe from the little research I have done that for every Republican who has been a member of the Klan there have been at least 100 Democratic members. 100 to 1. Now is that a Republican organization or is it a Democratic organization? The question answers itself.

Likewise I am deep into The Black Book of Communism which indicates that the political murder by lefties (and I'm not including the National Socialists, only the International Socialists also known as Marxist-Leninist or Communists) during the 20th Century just misses 100,000,000 (one hundred million). I think the French authors seriously under count the Soviet political murders (and if you count the political murders by the National Socialists, you're well over 100 mil) but we'll leave it at that.

On the right, during the 20th Century, I am hard pressed to find anyting close to 1,000,000 political murders. I'm leaving out the political murders by Imperial Japanese forces because I can find no authority that calls them either lefties or righties. Racist nationalists is the proper description, I believe. Nor am I including the approximately 10 million killed by Chinese Nationalists led by Chiang Kai-shek because, again as far as I can tell, all the authorities just call them merely less left than the Chicoms, certainly not right, not dedicated to small government, low taxes, protected property rights and free markets, etc. (Chiang Kai-shek studied in Moscow in 1923 so perhaps not even a liberal republican). So again the ratio of political murder by the left is 100 to 1, compared to the right. Which end of the political spectrum has all the murderous freedom takers? Which side owns, according to actual history (as opposed to rank ignorance like Joy Behar suffers from), political murder, just as the Democrats own the Klan and its history of violent, racist oppression of black citizens of America? The question again answers itself.

My only question is how, given these frightening histories, can any thinking person be on the left? It is a mystery to me.


Gee, I've never realized the similarities between the Klu Klux Klan and modern American liberalism. Thanks for opening my eyes. I just finished reading "Dreams from My Father" and it really struck me how much Obama has in common with Edgar Ray Killen and Cecil Price, not to mention Joe Stalin.
Peter, don;t forget the coomonality Mr. Obama has with Robert Byrd either.....Happy Friday !
Man, my typing sucks this morning. LOL.

How about this one? The war in Iraq is the product of Republican neoconservative wishful thinking. Wishful thinking about WMDs; wishful thinking about Americans being welcomed or perhaps remaining welcome as liberators; wishful thinking that democracy would flourish in Iraq just b/c Republican neoconservatives wanted someplace to take their ideology for a spin. As a result, tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, perhaps more. In the interests of fairness, not that there is an accurate body count, I think you should count these in the right's column of political murders as w/o rightly ideology, most of these people would still be alive. Yeah I know Saddam, Udey, and Qesay would have killed some of them, but far fewer than the number killed by removing them.

I realize that that it is only a drop in in buckey as compared w/ Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao, but what is sauce for the goose is gravy for the gander.

Root and branch, Peter b, root and branch.
Tony, rational thinking about WMD, accurate thinking about being welcomed as liberators and hope I agree that people really like freedom and can rule themselves by representative democracy. I also think they thought they would be in and out not with 160,000 in country 4 years plus later. Less are killed (let's call it 70,000) than were murdered by Saddam each year on average prior to his being deposed. Taking guys out and shooting them in the head (or gassing them) is different from those who died at the hand of fellow citizens fighting in a power vacuum you created by deposing a monsterous dictator. Just different. If I add the war casualties the left has caused, we're well over 200,000,000. But OK, let's add them, so 1,070,000 to well over 100,000,000. Oh, I guess the right and left are about equal then.
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