Monday, September 24, 2007


Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

AhmadiNejad, running rings around the useful idiot Bollinger, said that the Palestinians had nothing to do with the Holocaust. Oh, yea? Then what was their spiritual leader doing with Hitler during the 40s? Pushing for kindness to the Jews? The most frightening thing this afternoon was not AhmadiNejad's hateful and false words, it was the apparently historically ignorant college kids applauding his lies. Very. Disturbing. Columbia University is, like Fredo to Michael, dead to me.

I haven't seen a video, but from what I read, Ahmadinejad didn't run rings around Bollinger. If anything, Bollinger got the best of him and the response to Ahmadinejad was overwhelmingly negative.
Indeed, did you see them boo his denial of gays in Iran? It was classic. Laughs and boos. He made a fool of himself.
That was how it played to American and European coverage (on a single question) Any wagers on whether that gets played on al Arabia or al Jazeera with the boos and laughter on the soundtrack? It was a propaganda coup for Iran and he was not there to engage in honest debate. He never answered a single question honestly. I was disgusted, both by the fatuous vanity of the questioners and by the applause of the students. Bad day for Western civ, such as it is.
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