Saturday, September 15, 2007


The Current Anti-War Movement is Pathetic

Fox News is reporting a whopping 5,000 protesters descended on DC today for the heavily advertised 'Die In' (with a full 1,000 counter protesters called a Gathering of Eagles). 5k? a measly 5,000! They should be ashamed of such a pathetic turn out. And some of today's protesters were probably doing the same thing during the Viet Nam War--like this old timer to the right, former Attorney General and current dictator defender, William Ramsey Clark.

On November 15, 1969, at least 250,000 protesters descended on the capitol in Washington, DC, with another 100,000 in San Francisco. Some estimates have the crowd in DC at 500,000--a hundred times bigger than today's poor showing. Now that was an anti-war rally. At least the metro police today are looking pretty 21st Century. Some of them are nearly Star Wars stormtroopers in black.

I don't want to sound like most boomers who are quick to tell you that when they were young things were great and you just missed it by being born too late, man, but the big rallies in the late 60s were possibly effective, even if they were a little light on the posters and signs compared to now.

Look upon the past work ANSWER and despair.


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