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Via Boortz

The head of emergency management at the Minnesota Department of Transportation has lived a leisurely life ... thanks to tax payer dollars. In fact, even when the bridge collapsed back in August, Sonia Kay Morphew Pitt just couldn't stand the thought of letting a little disaster get in the way of her precious trips.

When the bridge collapsed, Pitt was attending a Harvard University program on terrorist attacks and natural disasters. When she heard the news, did she rush back to her home state to coordinate relief efforts? Why of course not. In fact, she stayed another two days in Massachusetts, and then she flew to Washington to spend eight more days ... all on your dime.
She says she was doing "group project work in DC." The expense report listed her Washington trip as "training." For this "training," Pitt gets paid $40.76 an hour ... that's about $85,000 a year.
This woman has a budget of $5.4 million, part of which comes from the federal government. Clearly she missed the memo that her job/presence was needed to coordinate relief efforts.
Pitt has taken 17 out-of-state trips in the last year. The cost ... $26,400. She also took the liberty of adding pit-stops along the way on her "business trips." These stops include Washington and Las Vegas. All thanks to your tax dollars and the incompetence of government.
Yes ... she's a Democrat.

Sure, the bridge disaster is Bush's fault because of lack of money available, as said money is tied up in a war for oil.......at least to the chirpiest of moonbats anyway.

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