Thursday, May 10, 2007


Unacceptable Funding Bill Version 2.0

The new version of a funding bill which gives money for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with onerous strings attached passed 221 to 205. That's not quite by a razor thin margin, but it's close. The same two RINOs who voted for it last time--Jones of NC and Gilchrest of MD--voted for it again. Ten Democrats voted against it and a few were a surprise to me:

Lewis of GA; Stark, Waters, Lee, Watson and Woolsey of CA; Michaud of Maine; Tanner of TN; McNulty of NY and Kucinich of OH. Yeah, that Kucinich.

The President needs to veto this one too, assuming, as I believe it's safe to assume, that the Senate will pass a similar version. One would assume also that there will come a time when unfunding the troops will begin to have some political price. Let's hope it's the Democrats who have to pay it.


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