Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Man Headed to Denver

When nothing works to treat the Tuberculosis a person has because of a very effective drug resistant evolution of the bacteria (Ann Coulter would merely say the bug had been working out or something) they call it XDR, Extensively Drug -Resistant (Wouldn't that be EDR?) Tuberculosis. That means if you get infected from him, you have no effective treatment either. So, like Camille and Doc Holliday, you too will be consumed.

There is a well-travelled guy under guard and a quarantine order in a hospital in Atlanta who has the XDR Tuberculosis; and they want to bring him to National Jewish Hospital in Denver (about three miles from here). What for? Do they have better quarantine facilities here? Do they have better anti-biotics here?

Hey, Mayor Hickenlooper, if that really is your name, do something!


National Jewish is the best respiratory medicine hospital in the world. TB being a disease of the lungs and this being a particularly pernicious form of TB, it seems reasonable to me to bring him to Denver.
It's not only in the lungs; a lot of comsumptives had rotting fingertips, etc. But I'm cooling down from the initial panic. Does Atlanta have no competent pulmonologists?
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