Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Exciting Movie Trailers

I was not a fan of the Rambo sequels, but this one could be OK. It certainly has a kick ass trailer. In the first three, Stallone used an M-60, which is a .30 caliber machine gun. Here he uses the M-2 in .50 BMG which doesn't just put a hole in you but blows you up. (I always thought you had to cock it twice to make it work, but what do I know). Also it has the girlfriend from Dexter, whom I quite like.

There seems to be a Christian overlay to the plot this time. That could be interesting or go nowhere. The former Burma is run by a military dictatorship, so their soldiers make politically correct bad guys. Wouldn't want John to take on, oh, the Janjaweed in the Sudan. Too edgy.


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