Thursday, May 03, 2007


Another Brilliant Idea

Senators Clinton and Byrd want to revoke the Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq Resolution of 2002. I see. They want to un-declare war in the middle of it. Yeah, that'll work. Are these guys completely idiotic? Even if they had the votes to pass the new legislation, wouldn't the President just veto it?

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I'm sorry, when did we declare war? I missed that.

I've heard a lot of talk about a "war on terror" but I never did hear a declaration of war.

Also, we are "in the middle". You mean figuratively. You don't actually see this thing wrapping up in the next 4 or 5 years, do you?
Mike, do you think there is a form attached to the Constitution titled "Declaration of War" that has to be used or magic words (like 'war')? I don't know why we haven't used the word 'war' since December, 1941 but we don't use it anymore. Not with Korea, not with Viet Nam, not Gulf War part one. 'Use of Military Force' is relatively clear, though.
Semi figuratively, war against Jihadists has just begun, the central front in Iraq may well be halfway done (Viet Nam length). Thanks for commmenting.

If Iraq is the central front of the war against jihadists, it is a central front of our own creation.

No matter how many terrorists to whom Saddam gave safe haven or country villas, his overthrow has made Iraq the new popular destination for jihadists.

Tony, that sounds like a strategic victory to me. (Note: "a", not "the".) Can you suggest a better "central front"?

Sure. Afghanistan. Better success in Afghanistan would be making that country a city on the hill.

Afghanistan is no longer a haven for terrorists but neither is it an Eden.

As I have stated on this blog on numerous occasions, I believe the invasion of Iraq was a mistake b/c although the deposition of its evil dictator was bound to be relastively easy in a military sense, the challenge of building that country into a successful democratic nation for foreseeably impossible given its ethnic makeup; its sectarian issues; and the tribal nature of large portions of its populace.

If I had to make a choice, I would prefer to see Osama bin Ladsen's head on a pike to Saddam Hussein's head in a noose.

And I say it's not an either/or proposition. Tora Bora was before March 2003. If bin Laden got to Waziristan, a billion troops in Afghanistan would have made no difference and still wouldn't. I agree that we should step up in Afghanistan and never let them down, again. But there were a whole lot of EU boasts and pledges which need to be fufilled as well. NATO seems to be doing fine even though some troops there are made up apparently of pacifist soldiers. Leben und leben lass if you catch my Continental drift (I'd have to translate it into Danish as well).
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