Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Update on the Guns at Tech

I was wrong about the compensator on the Walther P22. The murderer used the WAP22004--no stainless steel, no compensator. I have to say from the photo over at NBC News that it's probably a Glock 19, 15 rounds in the clip or magazine, whatever.

The International Herald Tribune says it's a 19. The story also says he was able to buy a gun legally. I'm not so sure. Although there were only two questions on the first form 4473 I filled out for a firearm purchase, it's a lot longer now. If the shooter indeed was either adjudicated mentally defective or hospitalized for mental problems in 2005, as is reported, he should not have been able to buy the gun; but adjudications and hospitalizations like that, and, of course, immigration status, are big holes in the instant check databases. I think the most important reason to deny a person a weapon is that he or she is floridly psychotic and a danger to others, but maybe that's just me.

I prosecuted a seriously crazy person for murder, but the defense counsel would not plead that as a defense, to which I would have stipulated, because they thought they could get her off on a "make my day" defense. I got a manslaughter conviction, but it was overturned later and the charges were ultimately dropped. I bet she could get a gun again today without any problem. There's a happy thought.

(h/t anonymous reader--Thanks)

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The Rocky this morning was referring to magazines holding 30 rounds of ammunition. With pictures of the two pistols and notes that they held 10 and 10 + 1 rounds.
There are, I believe, long clips, or magazines, which hold 32 and 33 (ironically) rounds which will fit into the Glock 19 but then it extends about a foot from the bottom of the grip. There's no such magazine or clip in the gun in the pictures he sent to NBC. I believe the 10+1 is a mistake. Thanks OldeForce, very helpful.
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