Sunday, April 15, 2007


Torie Clarke is as Big an Idiot as Terry Maroon Moran

Just finished watching This Week with George Stephanopoulos and during the round table, both lefty stalwart Donna Brazile and right wing lightweight Torie Clarke voiced a vague dissatisfaction with justice being done in Durham with the AG's declaring innocent the falsely accused Duke Lacrosse players. What? They were upset with justice being done?

Clarke said she was upset that the boys were being held up as stalwart citizens. They are not stalwarts, she said, they are privileged. What? They are bad people because their parents worked hard and made enough money to be members of the American middle class? They are bad people because they studied and worked hard in high school and got good enough grades to get into Duke? They are bad people because they worked and practiced long hours in order to make the then top-flight lacrosse team at a major sports school? What privilege?

They attended a college team party with drinking and some members of the team decided to hire strippers, to their extreme detriment. Oh, the horrors. It's not just a sort of prissy, neoVictorian prudery in this calling the innocent Duke three bad people for the party they attended, it's the misplaced and indeed, totally wrong headed inferring hard work and the success which often follows is actually the result of an unknown but completely undeserved privilege. It's equating privilege to some sort of undefined class struggle, where the poor are good and the successful are bad. It's believing that we're not a society which rewards hard work and merit, but we're a corrupt society where a somehow chosen few have an undeserved privilege not connected to merit. It's, in a word, moronic--it's what the left believes; and Torie Clarke should be ashamed of herself, if she had the brains to realize how stupid her criticism of the lacrosse players was.

She doesn't; she won't be.


The ties between the Trilateral Commission and the lacrossew community are well documented.

I used to like Ms. Clarke when she and the four star whose name escapes me just now would answer questions in the Pentagon about Iraq. Being right is a 24/7 job. Clarke took a few days off.
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