Monday, April 23, 2007


This Day in American History

On this day in 1986, President Reagan, addressing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the recent raid on Libya showed "no one can kill Americans and brag about it." Has this stopped being our international policy? Who stopped it?


Meanwhile, on the world history stage, today is considerd to be the birthday of William Shakespeare, April 23, 1564 - April 23, 1616.

Thanks Will.
I believe GWB has failed in that regard.

While Bin Laden is still at large, it seems Reagan's words carry little weight.
So, Mike, your vote is that the current president, whom your ilk usually calls a war monger, is the president who officially ended the policy of retaliation for attacks on the United States and its citizens. I guess in Bixarro world. Reagan didn't "get" Muamar however you spell his last name, either. He just didn't take it. What president took no action as attack after attack came against us? Somebody between Reagan and President Bush the younger, I would think.

I suggest you take a piece of paper; make 2 columns; label Column A "positive results from the invasion of Iraq"; label the Column B "negative results from the war in Iraq;" then look at the results after taking off your rose colored glasses.

Or just say this: "Osama bin Laden destroyed the WTCs so I will invade Iraq," until you repent of your sins.

In one of the early Friends, Chandler had an interior dialogue about the enormous size of his date's head. He tried to say five things good about her but the last three were "Big Head!" "Big Head!" "Big Head!" If I were to list the pros and cons of finishing the Gulf War 4 years ago, my pro column would be littered with "Saddam Dead!" and "Uday, Qusay Dead!" Major good things, wouldn't you agree?

Well of course those are good things, together w/ various other baddies who have been move on or incarcerated, but then we have a long list of Iraqis who are anonymous to you and me who have also been moved on; or have been displaced; we have Iraq's infrastructure which was in bad shape when we invaded and is probably worse now and as near as I can figure, we are no longer trying to improve it b/c of security issues; we have sectarian violence, whether improved by the surge or no; we have a country whos prospects for becoming a failed state are very high; we no longer have an situ foil for Iran.

Should I go on?

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