Thursday, April 12, 2007


Short TV Post

Watched a PBS show recently called Frontline World, mainly for the story on Afghanistan about a small detachment of NATO troops (Canadians) north of Kandahar and their frustrating, indeed, heartbreaking struggle to get anything good done there. I can't recall when I've been more discouraged about the war being waged against us by Muslim extremists. You can watch it on your computer, but the story is not up just now. Maybe it has gone the way of Frank Gaffney's documentary.

Now for just a bit of frank talk about the Canadian military. Canada is the second largest nation in the World. They have a population of 32 million. And they have a military with a total of no more than 50,000 soldiers, sailors, etc. That's way too little. That's disturbingly small.

Gee, do you think they are relying on the United States military to protect them? (Or, alternatively, perhaps they think no one will invade them because no one wants to take over their country, particularly Quebec).

If I were President (God forbid!), the Fraley doctrine would be: We're never going back to Europe to save their sorry butts again. You are on your own, pacifists--talk your way out of the next mess. And I would modify the Monroe Doctrine to say: We will protect all nations in the New World from any intervention from the Old World provided the nation has armed forces appropriate to the size of that nation. That means Canada would be on its own.

I think North Korea could take Canada easily in a fair fight. China could conquer it in a month. Heck, some properly armed American high school football teams could probably snatch Alberta and Saskatchewan in a few days, maybe a week.

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