Monday, April 16, 2007


I Was Too Kind to Ms. Ostrow

In an earlier post about the baseless charge of racism against Bill O'Reilly for his statements during his battle royale with Geraldo Riviera, which charge was made by Denver Post TV critic Joanne Ostrow, I neglected to listen closely to the video tape. Sorry.

Ostrow offered up the lame excuse for her groundless charge of racism, that O'Reilly had used the term "illegal alien" rather than "undocumented immigrant." Although that phrase "illegal alien" is a perfectly acceptable legal description without even a hint of racism, Ostrow is the complete fool here because O'Reilly never used the term. Geraldo did, about 7 times. However, Ostrow sort of praised Geraldo as the "voice of reason driving home solid points..." Apparently the on air conservatives are "spewing racist bile" when their lefty opponents say the so called objectionable words. Got it.

So Ostrow is not only scum for falsely accusing O'Reilly of racism for saying something not even approaching racism, she is an incompetent TV critic who apparently doesn't even listen to the TV she criticizes poorly and with a hysterical lefty slant.

The Post would do well to cut their losses here, but they won't, and their revenue and circulation will continue their steady, but impressive, declines.

(h/t Mike Rosen)


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