Monday, January 29, 2007


What Lies?

Jane Fonda, looking very little like Barbarella, alas, spoke at the poorly attended anti-war rally in Washington, DC this past weekend. YouTube video is here. I've taken the liberty to transcribe her statements about 2 minutes ten seconds in. She says:

I haven't spoken at an anti-war rally in 34 years, because I've been afraid that because of the lies that is (sic) have been and continue to be spread about me in that war, that they would be used to hurt this new anti-war movement, but silence is no longer an option.

What lies have been spread about her in "that war" 34 years ago (we presume the Viet Nam War)? Has she complained about lies? Did she not go to North Vietnam in 1972. Was she not photographed on a KS 19 100 mm anti aircraft gun near Hanoi, which was to shoot at our bombers? What frickin' lies?

On the contrary, she told Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes a year and three quarters ago that, regarding her photo on the gun outside Hanoi: "I will go to my grave regretting that. The image of Jane Fonda, Barbarella, Henry Fonda's daughter, just a woman sitting on a enemy aircraft gun, was a betrayal." [...] "It was like I was thumbing my nose at the military. And at the country that gave me privilege. It was the largest lapse of judgment that I can even imagine. I don't thumb my nose at this country. I care deeply about American soldiers."

Does anyone know what she's referring to?

Well, we'll always have Barbarella.
I always liked the Great Tyrant, serial girlfriend of the Rolling Stones, Anita Pallenberg, whom I last saw in Performance 37 years ago.
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