Monday, January 15, 2007


This Day in the History of Science

On this day in 1908, scientist Edward Teller was born in Hungary. He got out of Germany, where he had studied physics, in 1933 and worked on the Manhattan project in the 40s. His work was instrumental in the development of the fission-fusion bomb (called the H-bomb), although there were plenty of important scientists on that project. He testified against Oppenheimer in a security clearance hearing and since that was kind of a pariah in the scientific community. Since the H-bomb is only effective in destroying cities (and killing everyone in them), I'm not sure the H-bomb is actually the bomb of inventions for the modern world (to use my daughters' vernacular). Teller, the king of the bushy eyebrows, died September 9, 2003.

As a scientist, Mr.Teller's contribution to the human race leaves me a bit cold. As a king of the bushy eyebrows he is no better than Andy Rooney.
Rooney is coming along, but he's not Teller.
There is no Soviet Union anymore, but everybody remember those great victories and defeats. We trusted in idea and we made our history through great losses...M.S. Gorbachyov
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