Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This Day in the History of Design

On this day in 1951, vehicle designer Ferdinand Porsche, who in 1935 designed the Volkswagon 'beetle,' among other things, dies at age 75. His son (with the same name) and other kin continue the family talent for auto design and create the classics of the 356 Porsche and the 911. The auto company he started in the heart of Germany seems to be there for the long run. Here is my favorite design by him, the first king tiger (Pkw VI--Ausf B).

NOTE: I've corrected my mispelling of Porsche throughout after Doug Sundseth pointed out yet again what an idiot I can be.

The Tigers (both I and II) had real problems with their suspension and running gear, and broke down far too often to be effective in mobile warfare. Since mobile warfare is pretty much the definition of the role of a tank, I think that's pretty damning.

None of this is to disparage the things Porsche did well -- the excellent 88mm L56 cannon and the tank's armor were among the best in the world (though the IS series of Soviet tanks were also quite good).

Note 1: I think the picture you show is of a Tiger II (the sloped back of the turret is not something I've noticed in any Tiger I photo I've looked at).

Note 2: Porsche is spelled with an "s".
Thanks, again, for the correction. I disagree about the suspension but agree about the drive train at least in the Tiger Ausf E. The real problem was that they couldn't make enough of them to make a difference. Not just a photo of the Tiger II (Ausf B) but the Porsche version. Who wouldn't want to drive a Porsche tiger tank?
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