Sunday, January 21, 2007


This Day in the French Revolution

On this day in 1793, Louis XVI, the French king since 1774, is beheaded by revolutionaries at age 38. They used the guillotine.
To the left is a portrait. I'm imagining that 214 years ago, as he mounted the raised platform which held the execution machine, he might not have still had that sneer on his face.


The cars are on the road but the road itself is impassable.

W/ all due repect, it is unworthy of a person of your intellect to comment as you have. Loooking a portrait painted > 214 years ago, you interpret the King's mien through your modern eyes and assume he is sneering. Perhaps what you interpret as a sneer was, at the time, an expresssion of majesty and magnanimy.

I know, I know. They did not teach such things in Art History we we took it.

As ever,

OK, I'll bite--the sneer he clearly has could well have been looked on prior to the revolution as "an expression of majesty and magnanimy" but it remains a sneer none the less. I hope you're mocking me with non-serious criticism. As ever, your bud.
We ate the leg of lamb, which I butterflied and marianated with mint and soy. The sandwiches it makes are good eats worthy. Thanks for getting me that dead lamb.
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