Friday, January 12, 2007


This Day in American Radio History--Twofer

On this day in 1951, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Limbaugh is the most listened to conservative radio host in the United States with over 13.5 million weekly listeners on nearly 600 stations.

Also on this day in 1954, Howard Stern was born in Roosevelt, New York. Stern has a great talent for interview but a very weird sense of humor and decorum so, although popular, he is not very well respected.

What is the Basis for your statement that Stern is "not very well respected"? By who? I would submit that there are plenty of people who respect Stern, plenty who don't, and plenty like me who respect some things about him and don't respect others.

Moreover, are you implying that Rush is "well respected"? Again by who? Although I don't have any facts, I would submit a lot more people disrespect Rush than disrespect Howard. I do note, for whats its worth, that the president's Rassmusen's disrespect rating today just hit the lowest point in its history.
Peter, when 'who' is the object of a preposition it is 'whom' but your grammar aside, "there are plenty of people who respect Stern"? Are you kidding me? Name one. The guy's show is 80% drunk dwarves and desperate strippers.
I'm implying no such thing about Rush except, as I stated, his success in audience numbers and the number of stations that carry his show. If you see anything else in the very short things I wrote, it is you creating it, because I didn't put it in. Was Rasmussen not around for Truman in 1952?
1. I've always considered referring to typos and gramatical errors a pretty cheap way of insulting someone in todays blogging world, but hey, thats me.

2. one person who respects Stern is David Spade.,9171,1187317,00.html

I think Robin and Gary also respect him. And his parents. Roger Ebert Likes him. Forbes and Time named him one of the 100 most powerful celebrities (Forbes named him #7). That could be considered respect.

3. Drunken dwarves can be entertaining. And whats the difference between a "desperate" Stripper and a regular run of the mill stripper? Personally I'd take strippers and dwarves over the desperate neocons, homophobes, and racists i hear on those increasingly rare occassions that I turn on Rush.

Sorry in advance for the poor grammar, its that damned Catholic education.
Also, i wish you would get your facts straight. Howard has not had a drunken dwarf on the show since Hank passed away a few years ago. Beattlejuce is not a dwarf, he suffers from Microcephaly. Also, he is retarted, he is not a drunk.
Now I know why you are so angry--you're a fan. I didn't say he was unpopular, nor that he was bad. Indeed, Stern, when he wants to be, is as good at getting the truth out of a guest as anyone, but his idea of funny is not usually mine and he is, it seems to me, sex obsessed, and in a radio program, that's not so great. You've listed people who like him; but laugh at or enjoy is not the same as respect. Sorry to step on your toes about 'whom' but you did it twice and seemed in need of a reminder.
Peter B. I do tend to agree with some of what you have written however Forbes and Times quite often have lists that are really indicators of the wealth generated by the actual item/person or what wealth is generated by the line item spin off markets. I do not believe that equates to respect by those magazines but rather acknowledgement.
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