Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Return of the Stone

I know this is of interest almost certainly only to me, but my kidney stone is back, with a vengeance. It actually never went away, but after about 45 days of absolutely no pain, it hit me on the drive home--grinding pain in my back and groin, and the dry heaves from the pain. The first pill knocked it down a bit, but I think I'll have to take another soon. Wonder if it's moving down my ureter at last?

You also should see my medical bills. The price of a CT scan is nearly a crime. Un-freakin'-believable. Not that I'm complaining.

Does this in anyway change your opinion on Bush's recommendations regarding healthcare?
No insurance?

Hope you feel better soon.
That sucks Roger....Lortab is your friend......and mine.
No change, S., in my opinion about health care being a personal responsibility and that "free" health care should only prevent death amoung the irresponsible. I have an MSA and a yearly high deductible which hurts to pay but it does make me choosey about some treatments. Thanks, Mike and Mark for your sympathy, what the heck is Lortab?
Roger, Lortab is a highly addictive pain killer......and yes, healthcare is the individual's responsibilty. As you say, for the irresponsible......prevent death.

people need to get off of the govt. teet at some point.

Check the price of the least expensive H&A policy one can buy.

Now suppose you earn $10.00 per hour and your employer does not offer H&A insurance as a benefit.
So you make $20,800 per year b/f taxes.

What can you afford?

I hope you feel better Roger.

Health insurance is an issue. Giving people a tax break who buy individual policies is a good idea but it is not a solution for someone who cannot afford H&A insurance to begin w/.
The right's answer to not making enough to get health care is in the purist sense to say tough freakin luck--you should have tried a little harder in high school so you could earn more and afford these incredibly high premiums. In the real world there is free indigent emergency care and medicaid for the working poor and free clinics here and there for the bums, excuse me, the homeless. I do feel much better, thank you. I believe the tax breaks Bush talked about were primarily for the middle class.
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