Thursday, January 18, 2007


Refusing to Debate

Former President Carter wrote an awful book comparing Israel's treatment of Arabs outside Israel to South African apartheid of 20 years or so ago. Silly stuff really. Carter told critical rabbis why he wrote the book: "I wanted to provoke debate," Carter said. "I wanted to provoke discussion." Apparently he did not want to debate anyone himself. He refused to debate Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz at Brandeis University, where he originally refused to talk all the while complaining that the Jewish schools weren't inviting him to speak. Now he's talking, but not with Dershowitz on the same stage. Carter has to leave the stage before he will allow dissent. What a wuss.

Warmie leader, former Vice President Gore likewise refused to be in the same, long ago scheduled interview with Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg.

What are these guys afraid of? That people will see that the emperor has no clothes?

UPDATE: In researching this story I came across this lovely little site. My son refuses to believe anti-Semitism is on the rise. I should have sent him here.

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