Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Proof That Some on the Right are Depressed

The President is giving the State of the Union address tonight. I cannot recall when I was less excited about a Republican doing that. Now I know what Cassandra felt like. I'll watch, but I'm not expecting a thing, not a thing.


The good news for me that the president will necessarily be compelled to dial down the rhetoric. This is a good thing because I will not yell at the TV when he blames trial attorneys for the country's ills including global warming. Wait a minute. The president doesn't believe in globbal warming so he can't blame trial attorneys for it. Anyway, we have three citizens of the PRC @ the house. I am appreciative of the fact that they don't get to yell @ their leaders on TV or otherwise and I do. Anyway, they would not understand me yellinbg @ the TV.

Usually he takes 3 or 4 shots at trial attorneys. This year, I am taking the under.

Meanwhile, the president has a plan for health insurance. He wants premiums paid by people paying for private insurance, like those paid for insurance provided by an employer or insurance premiums paid by self employed people, to be tax free.
This is a good idea. The bad part of his idea is that he wants some premiums for Cadillac or gold healthcare plans to be taxable.

So not only will the executive making an executive slary be taxed for part of healthcare premiums but also the underpaid teacher who belongs to a union which has negotiated for him or her, a cadillac healthcare plan.

I don't think the president gets what it is like not to be rich.

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