Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Next Sucker, Indeed

The Radio Equilizer and Neal Boortz had congruent thoughts on the news that bankrupt Air America has a new buyer, New York real estate baron Stephen L. Green and headliner Al Franken will be leaving the air in a few weeks to run for the Senate from Minnesota. I'm with Boortz, if the other owners of the 'network' had run it like a business rather than as a political party adjunct, the move to reinstate the stalinistic Fairness Doctrine wouldn't have the legs it appears to have. I'd listen to Air America, but I like facts and logic too much, apparently.

The probllem is, not even nutroots want to hear them....they would rather call in to right wing talk radio, and try and flap a Rush, or a Boortz, or hannity ( the latter being the easiest ). Fairness Doctrine ? What would happen to NPR ? ;o]
Mark and Rog,

I have concluded tha the problem w/ Air America was not its content per se, but that there simply isn't a large enough audience for it. I think there may be a fundamnetal difference between right wing wingnuts and left wing wingnuts. This is an unscientific opinion has I have not consulted w/ any psychologists; phrenologists; or vivisectionists who may have disected the two diverse types of brains but I think that basically right wing wingnuts want to talk to their host who will reinforce their positions. Left wing wingnuts, by and large, don't find satisfaction in this custom.

When Rush Limbaugh rails @ Hillary Clinton, he throws gas on the fire and the switchboards light up.

When Randi Rhodes embarks on a rant, like Rush Limbaugh, she is preaching to the converted, but the converted are more likely to be not listening to Air America b/c they are, if in their cars: listening to music; listening to NPR; or listening to a book on tape. If @ work: they might actally be working; or listening to music; or surfing the web; or listening to NPR. If @ home, well let's just say that if would be a desperate housewife indeed who listen to talk radio @ home given all the other possibilities. This goes equally for house husbands.

I can't vouch for Air American giving us the facts, Roger, but do we hear them from Rush Limbaugh? From Neal Boortz, From et al?

Just wondering.

Boortz is pretty good.....in fact, he daily tutors, for each listener to verify everything he says, unless they already know it to be the truth.I have even heard him apologize for being incorrect, more than a few times....but he does not purposely offer falsehoods, as fact........and he always caveats any sarcastic interludes.

Boortz doesn't lie.

But remember people, in the end, this is about entertainment. Plenty of left wingers listen to, and call into right wing shows, because they are listening....I doubt that the left wing air waves tout the same percentage of right wing listener ship, that talk radio on the right enjoys......thus the woes of an air america.

keep in mind,Rush doesn't even take a salary.....his income is based on advertising revenues solely. That''s a stout listenership.....and they are not just righties.

Trust but verify. I would like to see the demographics on Rush's show.

My inclnation is to think that not a lot of people who do share is views are tuning in. I could be wrong.

Good point on the compensation based on ad revenue. Does Rush want to tell the truth or dooes Rush want to sell ads.

I'm sticking w/ Alton Brown.
I like Alton Brown a lot. We don't get Bortz. I listen to Rush usually only because Prager is over and I've moved on from Hannity. NPR would suffer not a second of problems because in the eyes of those who want the fairness doctrine back, they are normal and fair and balanced and don't need to have any nasty conservatives on if they don't what to and they usually don't.
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