Thursday, January 25, 2007


My Trip to the New Art Museum

I guess art is supposed to challenge you, but is it supposed to creep you completely out? This painting at the Denver Art Museum, Epiphany (Adoration of the Magi) 1996 by Austrian artist, Gottfried Helnwein, was like a bloody car wreck. I was disgusted but I could not look away.

Oh yeah, and our super duper new, looks-like-a-chrome-explosion, Libeskind-designed wing which just opened--workmen were scrambling over it trying to repair the damage the recent snow storms had done, and from the look of things, it was substantial damage. They just don't build them like they used to, I guess. Still, I had a good time and I remain proud of our little Art Museum, the new part of which is shown below.

WTF ????
The Libeskind addition to the art museum does violence to the ambience of the area. It does not work with the surroundings; it's like someone standing up in the middle of a symphony performance and shouting, "Look at me!"

It's ugly; by all accounts I've read its a terrible design for actually showing art; and it's also apparently badly designed and built. But at least it was hideously expensive, so it has that going for it anyway.
Hideously expensive--No doubt about that. You coming to the blogger bash in Feb?
I guess I'm one of those guys who doesn't "get" art.
Don't sell yourself short, Eric; you don't "get" a lot of things. Just kidding.
"You coming to the blogger bash in Feb?"

I don't know. It's in the middle of the wargame convention I attend, again. (The convention happens twice a year. The last two blogger bashes have been on precisely those weekends.) I might blow off the auction and show up, though.
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