Friday, January 26, 2007


More Proof of Global Warming*

In earlier comments on my very skeptical posts about global warming, one Warmie used the unseasonable warm temperatures--nearly 70 degrees--in New York City at the time (December) to rebut my postings. So here's what Drudge reports: Record low of 9 degrees at Kennedy Airport this morning.

Of course this record low temperature is also proof of global warming because any single, particular weather event is proof of global warming. The Warmies claim it all.

*(caused primarily by human activity)

Lets summarize
1. After totally ignoring the global warming issue for years, there's a little snow out in Colorado and Roger goes nuts- yelling and screaming that the western winter proves that there is no global warming.

2. Roger backs up his theory with scientific articles published in a periodical owned by Lyndon LaRouche.

3. I point out to Roger that,for whatever its worth, the eastern part of the country has been unusually warm this winter.

4. Roger closely watches the daily temperatures in NYC, and when, after two months of absurdly warm weather we finally get a cold day, Roger springs into action: Today's cold weather in New York proves he was right all along. Roger of course ignores the fact that the average temperature in January has been 7 degrees above normal and the ½ "of snow has been 9" below normal.
Roger also quotes Drudge as saying today’s temperature was a record low. As usual Drudge is wrong: It was 1 Degree in New York on 1/26/1871.

5. Even though Al Gore has been consistently right about the Iraq affair and Roger has been consistently wrong, Roger calls Gore "loony".

6. Finally, to prove that "warmies" are all over the place, Roger links to an article where Paul Begala complains about the use of the word "democrat".
Not the best summary ever. Am I stepping on your toes or something? Why do you think GW (cpbha) skeptics are largely on the right and and Warmies are largely on the left? Finally, other than annecdotal evidence about springtime in Decmeber in Manhatten, do you have any evidence the solar scientists are wrong? And I do thank you for the LaRouche heads up. I still think the Polish scientist is for real but I was unable to verify even one of what the other guy said, so he could well be an anti-Warmie looney.
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