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A Great Wave Crashes

Mendacem oportet esse memorem. Quintilian *

There are about 6 good things today on the web regarding the Duke Lacrosse Black Hole of Justice (not a racial reference, but one from science), in which the truth is sucked down into nonexistence due, apparently, to the overwhelming ego and ambition of DA Mike Nifong, who appears to be changing the case to fit the yet another new version of the story, and which changed story, I'm sure just by coincidence, happens to defeat some of the falsely accused boy's best items in their defense. This case is now, figuratively of course, swirling down the toilet bowl.

Coulter, as usual, is snarky, funny and pretty much right on the mark.

In lieu of a gang rape perpetrated by high-stepping white male athletes against a poor black woman, the Duke lacrosse case has turned out to be another in a long string of hoax hate crimes in which whites are falsely accused.

The lacrosse players denied that any rape had occurred and immediately submitted their DNA to the state, confident that the DNA would prove them innocent.

It did: Not a trace of DNA from any of the lacrosse players was found on the accuser, though this girl had more DNA in her than a refrigerator at a
fertility clinic.

She had DNA from five other men, which ought to have raised suspicions about her story that she had not had sex with anyone for the week before the alleged gang rape. Well, that was one of the several versions of events the accuser has offered police to date, although my personal favorite was the one in which Elvis came back from the dead and sexually assaulted her. (I think that was version No. 3--I'd have to check my notes.)

This is the second time this woman has accused a group of men of gang-raping her. One more time and it's officially considered a hobby.

K. C. Johnson has a good analysis of the most recent Defense Motion.

...the accuser now recalls Dave Evans wiping her off with a heretofore unmentioned "white" towel (and the police just happened to have taken a white towel from Evans' room, which had the DNA of Evans and someone wholly unconnected with the case, not the accuser). The towel also was used to clean up the "crime scene," another item previously unmentioned

The Mockery

Putting the December 21 version together with the accuser's other version brings us into the theater of the absurd, as the motion explains:

To believe the accuser's present claim that her vagina was wiped with this towel, that her face was wiped with this towel, that Dave Evans was wiped with this towel, and that the floor was wiped with this towel, would require the belief that this towel could wipe away all DNA from her attackers on the accuser's body, but leave the DNA of other, unknown males. It further requires the belief that the accuser's face and vagina could be wiped with this towel, but leave no trace of her DNA on the towel. Further, it requires the belief that the floor could be wiped with this towel, but that it would only wipe Dave Evans' DNA, leaving Matt Zash's DNA behind on the floor. Finally, the towel, while apparently obliterating any DNA left behind by the alleged attackers on the accuser's body, somehow contained only one of her attackers' DNA, despite her multiple claims that two of her attackers penetrated her rectum and vagina with their penises.

The ABC story concens discrepancies in the 10th or 11th "new" version from the disturbed, apparently free form lying accuser.

The accuser in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case told prosecutors in December that one of the three players charged did not commit any sex act on her during the alleged attack, according to papers filed Thursday by the defense.

The News and Observer has a straight report on the further destruction (it that was possible) of the accusers' credibility.

In her latest statement to investigators, the accuser in the Duke lacrosse rape case changed her account again about when the alleged gang rape occurred, who attacked her and how.

Dorothy Rabinowitz on other travesties of justice based on transparent lies.

Mr. Nifong is no anomaly--merely a product of the political times, a prosecutor who has absorbed all the clues about the sanctified status now accorded charges involving rape, child sex-abuse and accusations of racism. Which has in turn ensured their transformation into weapons of unequalled power. Like others before him, the DA quickly grasped the career possibilities open to him with such a case and proceeded accordingly--denouncing racism, and the rape and assault of a helpless black woman, and the Duke athletes guilty of these crimes in every media interview available to him (and they were many).

The Defense Motion itself. It is long, but well constructed.

*A liar must be good at remembering. The liar must remember what really happened, must remember what parts of the truth the liar does not want to come to light, must remember the false details contained in the lie, and, in this case, must remember the multiple contradictory versions given and try to resolve the contradictions in subsequent versions. The accuser in the Duke Lacrosse (Never Was a) Rape case apparently does not have a good memory.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice...well you know the rest.

Crystal "lying whore" has to not only remember what she said, she has to rely on a memory that was clouded by booze. She has to remember several versions of what seems like separate stories, while worrying not to say anything that could get her friend Nifong to dump this whole mess right back on her.

Nifong has to work with no evidence that supports his wild claims of a rape, while trying to exit this case without ending up in prison or loosing his shirt in civil court.

They would have to be geniuses to weave their way out of this web of lies; thus far neither has shown to be any kind of genius.
Absolutely agree. Well stated.
Mirabile dictu. Ann Coulter wrote something w/ which I largely agree. I would have agreed completely had she noot attempted that generalization at the conclusion of her piece.
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