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Good News from Afghanistan

One of the clues that Germany was losing WWI in All Quiet on the Western Front was that the German troops began getting less and less replacement equipment, including boots. Many American Civil War Yankees' diaries mention how ill clad, especially on their feet, the Rebel soldiers were. They lost too.

So a few days ago, AP reports that 130 al Qaeda types, coming over the border from Pakistan were killed in Afghanistan, and they were so ill equipped that some of them were wearing plastic bags on their feet.

The end is near in that theater.

Some people appear to look at the fighting in Afghanistan as they, and their ilk, looked at the fighting during Tet nearly 40 years ago. If there's fighting, they think or say, we must not be winning. If we were wining, there would be no fighting. They need to look beyond the mere fact that armed conflict continues to see how well each side is doing. The Taliban isn't doing so well. And the dreaded Spring Offensive will result in the slaughter of even more Jihadis, especially if the NATO troops start pulling their full weight.

Not that I'm complaining that European soldiers have taken the field against their mortal enemies.

I can't remember where I read it, so I will endeavor to find it again, but I read a statement by the NATO commander that the Taliban were much better equipped this winter than ever before, specifically with winter gear. Thus, they were attacking in the winter when in previous years they had waited for the "dreaded spring offensive."

Oh wait, you said al Qaeda. So who are we fighting again? (sarcasm alert)
With NATO unable or unwilling to stem the violence, the Taliban is pressing its advantage. Rather than withdraw over the winter, observers said, Taliban forces -- clad in new cold-weather gear -- are fighting through the cold.

This isn't the article I was talking about, but it will due (although it is always nice to get the NATO commander on record).

Read the whole article, it is interesting.

Also, don't forget our bet that the Spring Offensive will be just a little stronger than last year. (At least that is what I contend).
Without the hearts and minds of the regular Afghanis there will be no victory. By foolishly taking their eyes off the ball and getting involved in the Iraqi quagmire, the Bush Administration lost any and all the advantages that had been reached at that point. The Canadians especially have been paying the heavy price because of this mismanagement.

The rebuilding efforts and improvements such as jobs and security for the population have been let to regress to a point where the Afghanis are starting to think twice putting their eggs in the Nato basket. After all this time, Karazi wields no real power outside Kabul, if even there.

I also find it quite unbelievable that al Qaeda would suffer from shortage of equipment when the drug trade has been record high. You do realize, that the profits of the drug trade go to the bad guys after the farmers get their meager cut? The situation is grave in Afghanistan and to see it any other way is a result of wearing a pair of rose colored goggles.

Roger, your eternal optimism (halucination) is almost pathological!
I was talking about al Qaeda but meaning the Taliban.
Mike, thanks for the link. Pekka, still waiting for a fact or two. Because I know you are ignorant of even a basic military history, I immediately dismiss your opinion as uninformed. I'm not sure you comment to persuade, however. Both yourall's Tet mentality is showing like a slip with high static.
Oh, and Mike, I pray that the dreaded Spring Offensive will be stronger and will concentrate on taking and holding territory (Kandahar according to your link) That's exactly the wrong way the Taliban should fight and plays to our great strengths.
The best way to stop a Jihad appears to be to kill as many Jihadis as possible and an attempt to take Kandahar will help us accomplish that in a big way. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am only 13 minutes from a C so this is written in haste. I read somewhere that those 130 guys were new volunteers, schlubs, as it were who were sent omn a suicide mission by some Taliban commander.

Mission accomplished. More facts later.


AP reports that Major Gen. Benjamin Freakley stated Jalaluddin Haqqani, an insurgent leader operating from inside Pakistan, sent 200 untrained and unemployed men to fight in Afghanistan, some wearing only plastic bags on their feet.

I don't think these guys were the varsity. They certainly weren't the A Team.

Roger, this is not any military history. This is military history in making. Facts that you want are there unless wishful propaganda that you are so eagerly laping up is your definition of the word "fact". Since the facts rarely get through your idelogical filtration system, I am confident, that more facts from little me will make no difference. Unless, of course, those rose colorode goggles will come off.
We will see if they try to take Khandahar or not and what becomes of that. My only point here is that the spring offensive will be stronger this year than last (I believe) indicating that your quote here will sound much like Cheney's "last throes" comment.

The end is near in that theater.

I'll be sure to quote you on that one now and then.

Do you want me to be wrong in my prediction?
Roger, I take this opportunity to answer the question above. Nobody here wants you to be wrong. However, that is neither here nor there. This is exactly why so many are so mad at these fumblers...wishers.
Of course I don't want you to be wrong. I'd love for the end to be near.

But I am a slave to logic and reason, and I'm afraid you simply are wrong.

What I want has no relevance.
Except that what you want and what you believe have a natural congruance. Funny thing that.
That can be applied to you, but not to me.

I want the conflict to be over, I don't believe it will be.

You want the conflict to be over, thus you believe it will be.

See the difference?
Yes, Mike, I see the difference, but my comment about wanting to believe and believing was not limited to Afghanistan and, trust me, it applies to you as well.
Now you lost me.
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