Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Former President Carter Must Be Proud


When even the NY Times, pans his book, I imagine that he can only hope, that terrorist organizations, will understand the real value of his literary magnum opus on the Palestine / Israel conflict.

Islamic Jihad is pimping Carter's book.

Do you recall, Michael Moore's "masterpiece", Fahrenheit 911, being offered over seas distribution help, by organisations related to Hezbollah in Lebanon ?

Anybody see a pattern here ?

I do.

Sorry for commenting off topic but the thread was old.

Just wanted you guys to know that on the eve of the Iranian revolution inflation was at 40% and unemployment was at 35%. source.

Roger claims that Iranian steel production was fifth in the world at that time, but without very expensive memberships I cannot verify that. He also doubted that it is now in the top 30. It is 20th. That is easy to look up.

Economics my friends. They cannot be seperated from politics. Maybe the Japanese love us because our support provided wealth and prosperity, whereas support for the Shah got a lot of oil out of the country but left the nation in poverty.

Just a thought you might want to consider.


p.s. Roger, next time you accuse me of making up facts, get them strait yourself eh?
And in 1979 what was our inflation rate and unemployment rate? I put out 30th as a question not a fact. But interesting that the economy was worse than I thought, but not completely in the tank. It was not a bread riot that brought down the Shah, it was a muslimization, was my main point.
Your comments are fair enough.

U.S. inflation in 1979 was 13%, but you knew that. They didn't figure "core" inflation at that time which strippes oil and food from the figures. We all know that a large part of the inflation of the time was due to rising fuel costs.

A bit shy of 40% I'd say. And considering that Iran was a net exporter, they could control their domestic fuel costs. No, their inflation was much more drastic even in core terms.

So Iran is 20th now, and growing at one of the fastest rates in the world.

I'd like you to verify that Iran was the 5th greatest steel producer in 1979, which was not posed as a question, but as a fact. I don't have $500 for the UN report. If you would be so kind as to verify that "fact" I'd be more that grateful.

Thanks, and nice blogging today.
You're not going to like this. My source is a Time Magazine from the late 70s with a center section of advertising, maybe 20 pages long, all about how great Iran was industrially, etc. The 'fifth is steel production' is a detail that stuck in my mind. And 40 % inflation would be unbearable for us.
You are right. I don't like it. An advertisement? Generated from one of the most corrupt corporate machines of all time (the Iranian 70s boom)? If it was in an article, that would be great. Time has free archives (I just spend about half an hour searching with no luck).

So basically it is your memory for 30 years based on an advertisement that was paid for likely by the Shah himself.

No, you are right, I don't like it at all. I'd like something a little more verifyable.
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