Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Even a Blind Hog...

Near the end of last month, I predicted that the North Carolina Bar's Ethics Complaint against Mike Nifong for improper pre-trial statements would be just the first of three complaints; the second two would concern not turning over exculpatory DNA evidence and misrepresenting facts to the trial judge during pre-trial motions, and that these latter two complaints would make Nifong's disbarment much more certain.

Ring the 'right' bell for the first of my predictions.

Raleigh/Durham TV station WRAL is reporting that the Bar has amended its original complaint against Nifong to add charges of not turning over exculpatory DNA evidence and for misrepresenting facts to the trial judge. You can see the amended complaint at the top link on the WRAL site, just below Nifong's photo..

We'll have to wait for the last part of the prediction, but this is a very serious matter now and I believe Nifong is in much greater jeopardy than the Duke Lacrosse three accused, who are almost certainly innocent. More evidence, if you needed it, that the Medieval concept of the Wheel of Fortune was always sound.

The vultures are coming home to roost Roger but I am more concerned w/ the charges against the 3 playersbeing dismissed so that the sun can finally come out in their lives.

Meanwhile, the fourth victim, Mike Pressler is holding winter drill for his new team, Bryant University, in Smithfield, RI.

On the subject of sport, The January 25 RMN reported the death of Capt. Brian S. Freeman, a former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program who competed in both bobsled and skeleton w/ the US national team, was killed in action in Iraq last week.

Captain Freeman, 31, was among five Americans killed Saturday after an ambush by gunmen dressed as US troops near Karbala.

I find myself filled with sorrow and anger.
I've been there since 9/11. I never held the Duke administration in high regard but now it is all negative. I won't even watch Duke play on TV. Nifong has destroyed himself and damaged prosecutions everywhere. The Duke president has hurt his university badly but the damage to career seems to be solely with Pressler.
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