Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Blowing the Nominations

If I have any talent at all, it is for picking the winners of the Academy Awards. Here's the list of nominees. I note that Babel got nominated for best picture, best director, best original screenplay and two of five best supporting actresses. I wouldn't have picked it for anything. Pretentious and boring would be a kind description.

The absolute joke category of the Oscar shows recently has been the original song. Three of five nominees this time come from Dreamgirls along with the obligatory Randy Newman song and what I predict will be the winner--Melissa Etheridge's I Need to Wake Up from Al Gore's droning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. I noticed that I was humming that song just the other day.

For anyone who wants to take me on with picking the winners, I'll give up my advantage right off the bat. The awards are Hollywood patting itself on its ever less deserving back. The Oscar goes not to the best, but to the film which will put Hollywood in the best light, as viewed by Hollywood. It's that last part which is a little tricky. Good luck.

This will be a dreary Oscars; that's an easy prediction.

I will give it a shot if I get to see more of these movies in time. Half of them aren't even here yet.
I think this is not one of the better years for cinema in the states. Several of my favorites are films from overseas. I still want to see Pan Labyrinth.
Why do you believe you need to see the movie in order to decide if it will be the Oscar winner. I assure you that you do not. I agree that it was not the new 1939 for movies, S., Alex liked Pan's Labyrinth a lot. She even recognized a Mauser C-96 pistol. That's my girl.
Call it intelectual honesty.
If you were picking the best movie or performance, etc., I'd agree, Mike, that you'd have to see the movie. We're not. You don't.
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