Monday, December 11, 2006


Reckless Bravery in Iran

Mamood Ahmadinejad, the figure-head leader of Iran (who denies the Holocaust happened but believes in the hidden Imam and the imminent destruction of the World) got heckled at the start of the anti-Holocaust conference in Teheran.

Students from a Teheran university cut off Ahmadinejad as he addressed the conference, shouting slurs like "corrupt," "liar," and "death to the dictator."The interruptions came in response to the intensified surveillance at the universities since Ahmadinejad came to power.The Iranian president responded by accusing the hecklers of being "American."

God spare the students.

The duly elected President of Iran. May the weasels rip his flesh
Wow, anti-Iranian sentiment. Who knew you had it in you, duk?
Whatever made you think I harbored any pro Iranian sympathies? Well that's not true, I sympathize with those Iranians who would prefer not to live in an oppressive theocracy.
As do we all. I met some Iranians in Germany in 1976 and they were great (in just the opposite way the Algerians were horrible--in the main) but I had always imagined that they were killed in the 8 year Iraqi-Iranian war four years later. At least I never heard from them again.
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