Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Even Actions in Self Defense are Horrible

I had a very vivid dream where I shot a guy advancing on me, carrying the bottom half of a pool cue, in the chest 6 times. The gun I had was a Colt frontier scout in .22 (not a real man-stopper of a cartridge) so the guy was still coming but bleeding as the gun emptied. He kept telling me he was going to beat me to death. Then he fell and bled out. Very, very disturbing.

I think I went to bed thinking of self defense vis a vis Israel. Ahmedinejad has told the Israelis yet again that he is going to wipe their country out. The Israelis are completely justified now in taking out any military instillation in Iran, like nuclear weapon component fabrication sites. We should help them. Soon.

My wife asked if she could use her .22 target pistol as a carry weapon. (Being Italian and from NJ, you'd think she'd already know the answer). Told her if the first 3 shots didn't disuade the bad guy, put the other 7 up his nose.
Excellent advice. Despite the lack of hitting power, the .25 (which is close) kills more people than any other calibre here in America, although I think 9mm has been making a move lately. I find even the nine too wimpy and only buy pistols in .40 S & W, when I buy, which is never lately.
I'll bring back the gun of the quarter (CZ 52 is next up) as soon as my daughter returns and can download my digitial photos (which I no longer can).
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