Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Echoes of Apartheid

Israel has announced that it will build new buildings for Jews to live in inside the compound of an already established settlement on the West Bank of the Jordan River in what was 60 years ago part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan until King Hussein foolishly attacked Israel and lost the territory in the war he and other Arab leaders started. And we are foolishly condemning them for it--it's not consistent with their duty to make peace with a people who have sworn to destroy them. I have to admit that I'm confused about that turn of events.

Former President Carter has called what's going on in the West Bank semi-no-man's-land as apartheid, and I had rejected that out of hand. He meant that the Jews treat the Palestinians like the Boers treated the blacks (or 'blecks' to use the vernacular that Pesci made so funny in Lethal Weapon 2). But if it's the Palestinians acting like the ruling whites saying, no Jews can live in this part of the world, just as the Boers said no blacks could live in their all white cities, maybe Carter has a point after all.

OK, to recap, the Palestinians have said that no Jews can live on the land Israel conquered fair and square from Jordan and then gave back for a local Arab homeland, and we're down with that blatant racism?

Yes, and the only reason that this "West Bank" was ever part of Transjordan to begin with was because it was illegally without international approval annexed after Transjordan, in defiance of the United Nations recognition of the State of Israel, attacked Israel in 1948. The actual land of "West Bank" is within the boundaries of the British Mandate's land promised to Israel. And after Jordan lost their stolen West Bank in another of their wars of aggression, Jordan refused to consider taking the land back as part of a peace deal with Israel who's repeatedly tried to resolve the territories issue.
So the Arabs look even worse and the Israelis better the more details from recent history you know. It really must be that anti-Semitism is the source of Israel's bad reputation because I can't find much in history for which to criticize them. Thanks for the info.
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