Friday, December 22, 2006


Developing a Movie Star Crush

I've watched recently on TV the latest Harry Potter movie (Goblet of Fire), Topsy Turvy for about the 5th time, Dr. Who versus a cheesy, absorbing alien and, last night on Nova, E=mc² about, of course, Einstein and some of those who came before and after in physics and chemistry (although they were apparently picked at random as far as I can tell--major influences left out). The glue that binds these four films together is Shirley Henderson, a 41 year old Scot actress whom I am really beginning to like.

She has this incredible voice, you see, which I just find so sexy and although I only remember her doing an English accent, I bet she actually has a Scotish accent which I just love. And she can sing too. She was terribly misused in two of the Harry Potter movies where she's Moaning Myrtle and over the top awful. She has been lately the doomed, dowdy, mousy girlfriend/abandoned wife on Who and on Nova. So the performance that is knocking me out is in Topsy Turvy, which shows the genesis of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado and in which Henderson plays Leonora Braham who plays the 13 year old Yum-Yum and pulls it off because she looks so young, is 5 foot nothing tall, and is girlish slight of build. Other highlights in her good but less than steller career are Trainspotting, 24 Hour Party People, Tristam Shandy and I hear Wonderland is good but I've never seen it. You can now, alas, see the wear of age on her face so that she can no longer play 13 year olds. I still like her. A lot.

I'd hit it......quick.


After moving several tons of snow, I feel obliged to change the subject again to advise that DA Mike Nifong has dropped the rape charges against the 3 Duke lacrosse players b/c the complaining witness could not state positively whether sdhe was penetrated. (I gueess penetrated by the lacrosse players inasmuch as teh DNA tests indicated she was penetrated by somebody or somebodies.) Instead, the DA will proceed w/ kidnapping abd other sexual offenses.

Of course these charges are dependent upon the alleged victim's credibility.

Well my heart has gone out to these young men and their families once it became apparent that something was rotten in the state of North Carolina and I am not taliking about the Duke football team. They are not out of the woods but a little justice in time for the holidays can be appreciated by all. God bless us every one.
Oh yeah. Sorry about confusing Heaven's Gate w/ Days of Heaven. It was the titles not the films.
Mark, not too much for me. I'm still jealous of your back stage pass ploy.

Tony, I did a long post on the recent developments. As I wrote, I became convinced Nifong is really going forward and I got angry. It rarely pays to write while you're angry.
What?? "Moaning Myrtle" is 41 years old?!

Yeesh...I'd heard of 20-somethings playing roles much younger (the "high school kids" on The OC are pushing 30), but that's ridiculous. What's even more ridiculous is that I was convinced she was less than half her age!
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