Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Rock Show Review

Went alone to the annual mid September Rock and Gem show at the Mart on 58th and had a good time. Unlike the ever shrinking gun shows, it's holding its own as far as growth goes (the same foreign vendors are coming back each year) but it's getting a little old in format. Even the gold panning is getting old.

I bought some Russian egg shaped rocks-- Astro something and something else--I collect polished egg shaped rocks. I also bought bookends, slabs of about 40 pounds of native copper which had been partially and artistically polished to a mirror finish without losing the ver de gris elsewhere. Very nice.

It's more fun with the kids, but it's still fun.

sorry I didn't get to go with you, dad. I was just talking about how I was going to miss that and I was sad. Glad you had a good time anyway.
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