Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Homosexuality Set in the Womb

After doing some extra reading in college, Human Bio class, 30 some years ago, I came to the conclusion that homosexuality was set in the womb. Good to be way out in front of current scientific thought.

It clearly wasn't in the genes, anything that cuts down on having children gets weeded out to genetic background noise in just a few hundred generations. Check out how prevalent are genetic diseases which kill the child well before puberty, compared to diseases where the sufferer can linger to age 20 or longer, compared to genetic diseases which do not start symptoms until middle age. The first example exists in just a tiny portion of the population; the second is more prevalent and the last one is somewhat rampant. None compare to representation in the population of homosexuality. Perhaps 4% of the population is gay. That's several thousand times too much for it to be caused by genes.

And the gay guys and girls I met all told me the same thing. As soon as puberty hit, they were attracted to the same sex and there was nothing in their life they could think of that caused it. So much for the choice theory.

But there's something else to think of. If the sexual selection switch is set by hormones in the womb as to same, opposite or either one, is the same switch set as to young or old? That is, are pedophile born that way?

Gay guys whining about gay marriage, like Andrew Sullivan, ask are they never to have sexual satisfaction in marriage because of how they were born? I am somewhat swayed. But we can rightly say pedophiles can never have the sex they crave even though it's not their fault they like children. Now I'm merely sympathetic, and the answer is clearly no to pedophiles. That comparison makes it easier to say no to gay marriage too, as sorry as I feel for the guys. We're not saying you gay guys can't have sex without the threat of punishment anymore. It's a substantive due process right.

But that's for a different post.

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