Thursday, June 22, 2006


Concert Review

Went with daughter Alex to see Aimee Mann and Richard Thompson at the Chautauqua. Although she was at Snow Patrol last month, the last concert we went to together was Brittany Spears/InSync about 5 years ago. This one was better.

It was a beautiful night but a crowded highway up to Boulder. Richard Thompson was in fine form--even his voice sounded good. He played the old favorites well (I'm still waiting for Hand of Kindness) and had a few really good new ones--one about the war in Iraq (he reduces Baghdad to 'dad--like, he explained, the U.S. soldiers reduced Viet Nam to Nam) Dad is Going to Kill Me which had the line: At least we're winning on Fox Evening News; and one very clever one about impotence although he had picked up the parlance preferred by the drug companies--calling it ED. Really very clever. His guitar work remains impeccable. Could have wished for a longer set, but not a better one.

Aimee Mann, who's from Richmond, my adopted home town, and who looks like one of my girlfriends the summer before I went to college, was OK but I'm not rushing out to buy her albums. It was slightly soporific music. Here best work was on the soundtrack for Magnolia. There were times her voice sounded perfect and sometimes it just sounded strange. She's still a beauty and an OK songwriter, but not a lot of soul or a block rocking beat inside her trim frame.

Well well, a Dickie fan. I've seen him 20+ times since 1985. (Next most frequent at four or five times apiece, Black Oak Arkansas and Kansas. Excuse me while I go kill myself.)

Did you hear Hugh Hewitt give you a plug today?
I did not hear the plug. Thanks for the comment. It's been a little slow here lately.
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