Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yugolsavia Break-up Complete

With the recent vote in Montenegro, Yugoslavia is as dead and gone as the USSR. What was once an international car producing nation just 18 years ago now is 6 nations--Bosnia-Herzegovina , Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia. Serbia and Montenegro were holding together for a long time under the old name, Yugoslavia, but not no more.

I had seen the so-cynical-as-to-be-nearly-subversive film Montenegro a few decades ago, so the break-up, post Tito's death, was no surprise to me, nor really the intensity of the violence there. I bet that movie holds up. Great performance by Susan Anspach and opening song by Marianne Faithful and the toy tank in the Zanzi Bar. A full of life film but dark.

Sic transit risus mundi.

Nice catch. I hear this is being largely ignored in the States. Pretty big news here.

No surprise indeed.
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