Thursday, May 18, 2006


This Day in Ancient History

On this day in 1491 BC, God causes Mana to fall from the sky for the first time for the Israelis in the wilderness. See Exodus 16.

Manna, my friend, not "mana" and the use of the term "Israelis" is anachronistic. Mana is Polynesian and Israelites are, well, Israelites.
Well said but not spelled. My source is sticking with mana. Aren't the Israelis the same as Israelites. If not, what's the difference?
About 2000 years
I'm not unaware of the time difference, but they are the same guys and girls--the same DNA, that is and basically the same belief system. I mean isn't your new year celebration up at 4 thousand or so? No big deal actually.
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