Friday, May 19, 2006


This Day in American History

On this day in 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle gives a speech where he takes the TV character Murphy Brown to task. Played by Candice Bergen on the short run CBS sitcom, Murphy had decided to get pregnant without getting married. Quayle said that she was "mocking the importance of fathers by having a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice."

Having raised three children alone (but with a lot of help from my family), I have to ask who would want to do that? It's tough with two parents.

That is impressive Roger. You should be very proud.

Raising kids alone is kind of like driving a car with your feet: Sure, you can do it, but that doens't make it a good idea.
Thanks for the praise. I don't feel it was an accomplishment--it was just the natural thing to do.
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