Saturday, May 13, 2006


Solution to the CIA Mess

The triumphs of our intelligence services in the last century, have been largely in the code breakers, who did signal intelligence, and not with our spy services. I know, I know, the CIA can't talk about its successes, so all we hear about are its failures and that it gives us a false picture of its competence.

But if we fired everyone now employed by the CIA and replaced them with recent High School graduates, we would get about the same quality of product.

High school? It gets better.

Like they say at BYU: We don't care how you bring
em' just bring em' young.

Get it?
Cryptokids. What fun! BYU as in Brigham Young University? Curioser and curioser.
I dont know why that cryptokids thing bothers me so much but it does.

I guess it is kind of like Camel Joe. Advertising something for adults to kids.

Yes, BYU. It is just a silly play on words. We used to joke around with one of our teachers who was from there. Not that funny I guess.
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