Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Good News from Jordan

Jordan authorities are reporting that they have captured an "aide" to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, but they are not releasing his name until Thursday.

First two BBC paragraphs:

Jordanian officials say they have arrested a senior al-Qaeda figure heavily involved in Iraq's insurgency.

Security officials in Jordan's capital, Amman, refused to identify the man, said to be a key aide to Iraq's most wanted militant, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Well done, Jordanians!

To my European nay-sayers (OK, it's one nay-sayer) has al Qaeda captured any aides to General Abizaid?

Has the capture of any "senior al-Queda leader" led to definitive weakening of the insurgency?

I'm not saying they are winning, just keeping up the same level of violence for, what, almost 3 years now.

Two major figures captured this week, and the insurgency doesn't miss a beat.

That is all I'm saying.
Which is the naysaying I've come to expect. Of course you might have a different idea about how long this will take than I do so that the news that it continues is neither unexpected nor decisive to me. We'll be at this for a generation at least, I think.
At least you are honest about the timeframe necessary.

Of course, U.S. public opinion will not hold out as long as the enemy will.

That is why a tie for now is like winning.
We can lose interest in a war we're winning--look at Viet Nam. And I fear our national unity and ability to stay focused and tough it out is worse now than in 1968. But Uncle Ho was not going to put a suicide squad in the Capital building. Al Qaeda will do just that (or nuke or gas us--bio warfare is just too tricky--I bet that never happens) so we'll get a painful reminder again and again through the next decades.
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