Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Good American Fun

Although it's not the Indianapolis 500 (it's not even Talladega, more's the pity) there are few things more American than car races on the Memorial Day, which is where I was, up I-25 a ways, near Erie, at the Colorado National Speedway, with Sheila (who was comped the tickets) watching the races.

The cub scouts and a three man barbershop quartet started us off. Everyone stood and removed their baseball type cap, even the girls. You could have heard a pin drop before the Anthem (in English) started.
The most fun were the spectators who were chosen to do a single elimination tournament in their street cars during the intermission. I was banking on a primer gray Datsun 280-Z but it developed transmission problems. The late model 'Vette took it, beating a Ford F350 "Dooley" by a wide margin. It just doesn't seem to help to turbo-charge diesel, although the truck made it to the finals. Then there were more roundy rounders until it got pretty cold on the windy plains and we went home.

Sammy Haggar (I swear) was there, but with the course only 3/8ths of a mile, I bet he could drive 55, and win. It was pretty fun, but I doubt I've become a diehard NASCAR fan. Compared to those guys, this was like watching a high school, pick up, 4 on 4 basketball game. Not bad, but not the best either.

There was a sci fi fan body type prevalent. The word of the day was 'caution.' I had some funnel cake. It was just as I remembered. I think there were several thousand people there. Who knew?

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