Thursday, May 18, 2006


Coulter Turns her Sarcasm Scalpel on President Bush

She's pretty funny today, and the criticism is certainly deserved. Money quote:

Instead of choosing immigrants based on the longevity of their lawbreaking, another idea is to choose the immigrants we want, for example, those who speak English or have special skills. (And by "special skills" I don't mean giving birth to an anchor baby in a border-town emergency room.)

Why not use immigration the way sports teams use the draft -- to upgrade our roster? We could take our pick of the world's engineers, doctors, scientists, uh ... smoking-hot Latin guys who stand around not wearing shirts between workouts. Or, you know, whatever ...

Maybe I shouldn't have paid that Mexican crew 30 bucks for aerating my lawn - after all they were "breaking the law". It didn't feel wrong, though, and I'd do it again. Just a few guys trying to make an honest buck. Normally we think of breaking the law as an event, or series of events, but these guys are in a "state" of law-breaking. They are breaking the law not by doing anything but merely by their geographical location. Just seems a little odd, that's all. (I guess I'd rather go after the rapists, thieves, child-abusers, and Lay and Skilling.)

Britain a nation of Roman, Saxon...Celtic immigrants - drivel. 900 years ago maybe! Ann does make a good case for not impeaching George, though!
Now, now, you don't know Lay and Skilling broke the law, nor that the Mexican nationals were not the holders of green cards. Did the Celts invade Britain? I just thought they were there.
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