Wednesday, May 31, 2006



This is the first anniversary of blogging at this site. I want to thank all of our, on average, 110 daily readers and particularly the ones returning and providing their decidedly above average comments.

Readership at that level makes us a third rate site and we aspire to be second rate with 500 per day average. Excelsior.

Roger....keep up the great work. Your blog rocks.

Mark Dunn
Yikes! I read "anonymous," immediately thought it was Anonymous the Detractor, then read a compliment, and became severely disoriented b/df reading Mark's name. Merk, don't scare me like that.
merk ???
Nice work Roger (and Diomedes, I guess).

May you reach your second-rate aspirations.
It is scary when you think that sometimes I just read your blog instead of watching the news. Keep up the great team work, I need my daily laughs!
Happy Birthday! thanks for the blog which is always insightful, interesting...and occassionally incendiary!
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