Monday, April 17, 2006


You Read It Here First

And perhaps only here. I'm not ready to call this story in the Telegraph a turning point, but it's not bad news. Money quotes:

But Sheikh Osama Jadaan's dislike of foreign occupation is nothing compared to his contempt for Iraq's other intruders - the foreign jihadists who have indiscriminately killed thousands of his countrymen. Now, in what coalition commanders hope will mark a turning of the tide against al-Qaeda in Iraq, he has become the first of the Sunni tribal leaders to declare war on the terrorists to whom, until now, they have given safe haven.
He is well-placed to do so - his al-Karabla tribe lives around the desert city of Al Qaim, near the Syrian border in Anbar province, the Sunni insurgents' stronghold.
Sheikh Jadaan's armed followers claim to have arrested and killed 300 would-be jihadis entering from Syria, many bound for service as suicide bombers with Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

I had to read the last paragraph twice before it sank in--"arrested and killed," not arrested, tried and executed. The Sheikh's primary reason is that the foreign jihadists target and kill civilians, which gives jihad a bad name (the secondary reason is that they don't attack the Americans often enough, so there is a little rough with the smooth here).

See if this is covered by the rapidly becoming irrelevant mainstream media in the US. I say it won't be widely covered and may only be mentioned on Brit Hume's grapevine segment.

UPDATE: No mention on the grapevine so far. 470 hits for the Sheikh's name on Google, almost all of which are links to the same story I linked to. So don't try to tell me that the buggy whip media goes out of its way to report the good news in Iraq, because good news like this just doesn't get reported widely. QED. 4/18/06 at 17:37

"Read it here first"

I'm not sure what your def. of MSM is but, I'm pretty sure you consider Time Magazine a commie-pinko rag. Three months ago, it carried this: "Rebel Crack up?",10987,1151790,00.html

With quotes such as this: "For months, U.S. officials in Iraq have tried to exploit growing differences over tactics and aims among factions of the insurgency, a push first detailed by TIME in December." Pls. change your title to: Read it there first.

In your defense, however, I'm sure you don't subscribe to Time (nor do I) -- but you (& I) can get six issues for a mere $1.99! I think it would be helpful to your faithful readers to get an exhaustive list of what you deem MSM so we can know where to look for what won't be there. BTW: How do you have so much time to spend reading/watching the MSM to know what it is not saying while reading/watching the non-MSM to find out what is REALLY going on? Or does one episode of South Park cover both adequately?

On another point, you recognize correctly that they are "arresting and killing" not "arresting, trying and executing" and call that "not bad news" Do you really mean that? Do you really believe that executing without trying is "not bad news." I doubt you do.
I knew of the internecine fighting of the jihadists long ago but did not see it covered on TV. Did you? and that they are executing prisoners makes them bad guys but I had already pegged the insurgents as bad guys. Hadn't you?
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