Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Short TV Post

I was watching Constantine on HBO, a movie I quite like (although my elder daughter says the comic books it's based on are much better) and the guy who plays the devil in it is the same guy in the extremely funny German faux rap commercials regarding VW GTIs (which are off the air now for the new safety ones--where the Jetta gets T-boned and everyone is OK). He's Peter Stormare, a 52 year old Swede who started in films at 29 in Bergman's Fanny and Alexander. He's now on Prison Break but here are the roles in movies where he was good, in his incredibly weird way: Nhilist #1 in The Big Lebowski; Dino Velvet in 8MM; Dr. Solomon Eddie in Minority Report. He was also in the Frogger episode on Seinfeld, but I don't remember him.

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