Sunday, January 29, 2006


Friday Movie Review (late again)

Went with my daughter Alex to see Match Point, the new film by Woody Allen. I thought it would be good and it was pretty good, a little stately and long. Scarlett Johansson, who looked great, got blown off the screen by the good English actors. Or maybe she played such an uanppealing character (despite her looks) that I just thought she was bad.

Woody has apparently run out of anything funny to say and is reduced to recycling the old, bleak themes of prior, better movies. The World is mere chance without real love, meaning or justice to the Woodman, who manages to update Raskolnikov's actions in Crime and Punishement and remake Crimes and Misdemeanors (which also sucked the dusty marrow out of Dostoevsky's bones) all at the same time. Is it possible that he feels some guilt even now for seducing and marrying the adopted daughter of his long-time main squeeze, Mia Farrow, for whom the public betrayal and humiliation was like a murder? Just asking.

It's a good movie; not great.

Man's a pedder, Rog. You're lining the pockets of a pedophile.
Really? Why weren't charges ever brought?
He married his step daughter for crist sake, after living with her as his daughter from a pretty early age, what more proof do you need?
Charlie Chaplin married two 16 year olds (Mildred Harris and Lita Grey) and one 17 year old (Oona O'Neill) and later said about one of them "she's better than prison, boys". How old was Soon-Yi when she and her semi step dad did the deed? The scandal was found out in 1992 when she was 22.
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