Friday, December 30, 2005


Paranoids Unite--You Have Nothing to Lose

My son, Andrew, returning from his first semester at college (where he did well--or so he says) urged me to watch a documentary he had seen on the web about 9/11 called Loose Change. I downloaded it here and watched it and watched it again with Andrew and his friend Chris with much pausing and discussion. It is sheer lunacy, as biased and one-sided a presentation of so-called evidence as I have ever seen. It makes Michael Moore documentaries seem fair and balanced by comparison.

Anyway, the gist of the hour long documentary is that 9/11 was a complete fraud--the planes hitting the WTC in New York were not really hijacked planes (they fired missiles just as they hit); there were carefully laid demolition charges which brought the buildings down; the Pentagon was hit by a missile (Lord knows what really happened to Barbara Olsen--I added that); there was no plane crash in Pennsylvania or if there was it was because a plane was shot down (still working on what the filmmaker was saying there) and most of the highjackers, including Mohammed Atta, are alive and well in the middle east here and there.

If you have an hour that you can completely waste, go see what your late teenage boys are seeing on the web and believing (at least for a while). It is truly stunning what some people will profess to believe as well as the sophistication of modern propaganda.

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