Saturday, November 19, 2005


This Day in Ancient History

On this day in 461, AD, shortly before Rome fell as center of an empire, Severus III became Emperor.

Roger, have you any idea just how much Roman empire history you quote, and how much latin you also quote?

To expound good Dialetics, you must always know where you have come from, in order to know where you are going..................


Be wary on the history you concentrate, in itself, says something about your intended destination!

You , both of you, have an irrational love of the Roman Empire.........

The Roman Empire was destined for failure....any empire is....
Empires are self-destructive, no matter how intriguing their high points were.

We also like the British Empire. We think it had a good effect on the world and a lasting legacy. Heck, we Yanks are part of the good the Brits started with colonization and Empire, a large part, in fact.

Always good to read your thoughtful comments. I'll throw in some British Empire highlights now and again.
We`re not so fond of the British Empire here either!

It was just another empire, and guilty of horrendous things.

We would like to think that we had matured a little since then, although someone should try to educate Blair on that one.
You're looking at your past in a glass half empty way. Sure there was a downside to colonization in the force it took to create it. But all the European countries did it and used the same force to accomplish it. England then created court systems and cricket fields (for example) and the countries you let go after WWII are much the better for it. The worst legacy is I think form Belgium. At least in the movies the source of the Hutu Tutsi problem that claimed nearly a million dead ten years ago is laid at the feat of the Belgium colonists. The former Belgian Congo is a total mess now with dead approaching in a slower way the Ruanda genocide. You just don't see that in former British colonies and I think it's solely because of the good effect of the British Empire. It's not like your out there trying to restore the Empire either. I know I should be a rebel lover as an American from the South (with direct ancestors in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars) but I admire the creators of the Empire just as much.
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